Hi, I’m MatT.

I’m a New England based artist, naturalist and writer. I want to help change the way we interact with our world.

There’s nothing I love more than spending time in nature, and my pursuits are informed by the desire to further our understanding of wild creatures and advocate for their protection. Throughout my life, this drive has taken many forms; I’ve had the privilege to work in wildlife rehabilitation, museum collections, exhibit design, field research, education and ecotourism.

Adding the finishing touches to a huge pair of sperm whale jaws for a museum display.

Adding the finishing touches to a huge pair of sperm whale jaws for a museum display.



Making art helps me process the world around me. Focusing on the textures, colors and small details in nature helps to understand it —  there is always something to learn from careful observation. I hope to depict the creatures in my paintings not simply as true-to-life illustrations, but as individual characters with their own personalities. I generally work with watercolor and gouache on illustration board, and occasionally in oil and acrylic. I always have a journal on-hand to fill with sketches and notes about the things I observe.

I'm always happy to work on a custom, commissioned piece. Prices of original artwork depend on size, medium and complexity. Please contact me directly and we can work to make your vision a reality!



As humans, our conscious efforts to protect and maintain the natural places on our planet are more important than ever. In all of my work, I hope to inspire and teach others to appreciate the wonders of all life's forms, and to take actions in their daily lives that will make a difference — this means offsetting the carbon cost of flights, reducing plastic waste, and advocating for our public lands. All of my work is reproduced using the most environmentally responsible methods possible, from sourcing paints to final printing!


Returning to the ship from a landing at Brown Station, Antarctica.

Returning to the ship from a landing at Brown Station, Antarctica.

Expedition GuidinG & Lecturing

One of the most important aspects of any adventure is the people you share it with! I've been hosting nature trips, bird walks and classes for several years. I currently work as a naturalist, zodiac driver and lecturer on expedition ships to remote regions. I'm thrilled by the opportunity to share my knowledge with you or your group. For more information, please reach out to me or visit my upcoming trips on the Expeditions page!


Education & Experience:

I've always been drawn to wild places, and began a serious pursuit of natural sciences in sixth grade when I started volunteering at Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton, Connecticut. With the help of some exceptional mentors, I picked up birdwatching as a daily hobby, and started expressing my fascination with the world through art. In high school, I became the youngest person to attain the title of Connecticut Master Wildlife Conservationist, and earned second place nationally in the US Fish & Wildlife's Federal Junior Duck Stamp competition, where I competed against several thousand other artists from around the country. While pursuing an undergraduate education at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine, I developed my skills not only in natural science and illustration, but also writing, public outreach, museum collections and seamanship. In school, I worked for the college's research and logistics vessel Osprey as a mate, zodiac driver and guide. I interned with Whales & Nails, assisting with the articulation of several seal and whale skeletons for exhibits around New England, and developing a research collection of marine mammal skeletal specimens for the college. I left COA the author of a short memoir on seabird biology, and self-published a field guide on the extraordinary Gulf of Maine. After college, I began a career as a guide, working for the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company as a naturalist and historian on whale watches and nature cruises. Since then, my work as a guide has taken me from the tundras of Alaska and rainforests of the Pacific Northwest to the Arctic Ocean and the icy straits of Antarctica — always with a sketchbook and camera in hand. I currently work with Abercrombie & Kent as a marine mammal lecturer, naturalist and zodiac pilot. My spare time is spent painting and writing new field guides.